Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Telegram Article on Joel Thomas Hynes' Artistic Collaboration

'Broken Accidents': glimpse into production birth
Heidi Wicks
special to The Telegram

Whether it's a song, story, painting, sculpture or play, it takes countless hours of mulling, himming, hawing, arguing, moaning, dreaming and many other '-ings' to create a piece of art.

However, thanks to ample time and the ability to work 'in the space', the four principal collaborators - Joel Thomas Hynes (writer), Lois Brown (director), Sarah Joy Stoker and Louise Moyes (both choreographers, Neighbourhood Dance Works) - now feel each other's heat when discussing such sensitive issues as suicide and depression.

For several months, Resource Centre for the Arts and Neighbourhood Dance Works have been gathering in the LSPU Hall to create 'Broken Accidents' - a multi-disciplinary, highly collaborative conception that will eventually (hopefully in Fall '08, summer '09) tour across Canada and fringe festivals across the UK.

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