Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Short Fiction Single (Digital Download) available from - End of the World by Mavis Gallant, narrated by Margot Dionne

Now available as a
Digital Download Single

The End of the World

by Mavis Gallant
narrated by Margot Dionne
Duration: approx. 21 minutes / MP3 DD $2.95

The End of the World first appeared in the New Yorker in 1967. It was later included in several collections of Mavis Gallant's short fiction. In 2006 it appeared in the unabridged audio edition of Montreal Stories by Mavis Gallant published by Rattling Books.

"Gallant's subject is the comic opera of character...Before we know it she will have circled a person, captured a voice, revealed a whole manner of a life in the way a character avoids an issue or discusses a dress."
Michael Ondaatje

"One of our era's masters of the short story."


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Authors: Mavis Gallant / Lisa Moore / Susan Rendell / Janis Spence