Saturday, February 16, 2008

Inside the Extra's Studio: a short film (comedy) by Gerard Neil starring Frank Holden and Gerard Neil viewable online

Inside the Extra's Studio (a spoof on the life of a professional extra) featuring Frank Holden as Jame Slipt-on and Gerard Neil as Ian Ernest is available for viewing online at

Written, produced and edited by Gerard Neil. Directed and filmed by Gerard Neil and Ray Penton Jr. Technical coordinator and extras handler Rob Dawe. Executive Producer Ray Penton Jr.


Frank Holden is a frequent contributor to Rattling Books. He created Judge Prowse Presiding, narrated The Last Voyage of the Karluk by Captain Bob Bartlett and also appears on The Grey Islands by John Steffler.

Gerard Neil also directed and acted (with Stephen Lush) in delirium, Blood from a Turnip, St. John’s NL, Canada 5 min (An exploration into the mind of a man freezing and starving to death.)