Monday, February 25, 2008

Canada Reads Audio Clip Posts relating to Mavis Gallant

Mavis Gallant

Lisa Moore makes a passionate pitch for Mavis Gallant’s From the Fifteenth District. [runs 2:29]

Mavis Gallant describes her encounter as a young reporter with Jean-Paul Sartre at his Montreal press conference. [runs 1:25]

Literary larceny: The tale of a crooked agent, and how Mavis Gallant discovered his perfidy. [runs 1:27]

Eleanor Wachtel talks to Mavis Gallant about bringing her fictional characters to life. [runs 12:07]

Portrait of a marriage: Mavis Gallant reads from her story The Moslem Wife. [runs 2:30]

The above audio clips are found on a Canada Reads site featuring a section for each of the authors championed during this year's Canada Reads. Mavis Gallant is the author that Canada Reads panelist Lisa Moore has selected. The work of Mavis Gallant's that Moore has chosen is The Fifteenth District.