Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lisa Moore's Canada Reads Blog Entry on Mavis Gallant

Novelist, short-story writer and Mavis Gallant fan Lisa Moore has written a blog entry on Gallant's story The Remission for the Canada Reads competition:

I sat down and took Mavis Gallant’s From the Fifteenth District out of my purse. I was reading the story called The Remission. It’s about a young wife. She is the wife of a man who is dying in a foreign place. It’s also about the husband, dying in a suffocating, beautiful heat and watching trains roar past and knowing your wife has already fallen in love with someone else and being beyond caring. It’s about being too young to give up on love just because you are about to become a widow. It’s about waiting for someone whom you have loved to die and refusing to give up sex and love and just feeling and being alive while you wait. Listening for death...

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