Friday, August 03, 2007

Robin McGrath Launches New Children's Book

Weather Makes for Perfect Party
from The Telegram
Shirley Newhook

It’s been quite a literary summer for local publishers. SeaFlow Publishing recently released “Pearl the Man and the Place” (The origin of Mount Pearl) by Donald L. Hutchens and Lilla Ross. It’s a biography of Sir James Pearl, RN, but also the story of the early history of Mount Pearl written by a man who found his inspiration in his great-great grandfather’s family bible.

Tuckamore Books just released Robin McGrath’s third novel for young adults called “Livyers World.” It’s a magical story of two young boys who get trapped in an alternate universe where Inuk traditions and customs help them survive without modern technology[...]

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Robin McGrath is also the author of Coasting Trade, a performance for three voices with soundscapes, from Rattling Books. Coasting Trade is the product of a collaboration between author Robin McGrath, radio producer Chris Brookes and actors Robert Joy, Rick Boland and Anita Best.

It follows the voyage of a Yankee trading schooner, circumnavigating the island of Newfoundland sometime after 1865. As the vessel puts in at various ports, lyrical narratives weave back and forth through a century of change while the 19th century sailing notes adapted from Sailing Directions for the Island of Newfoundland by J.S. Hobbes (1865) remain timeless.