Tuesday, August 21, 2007

AudioFile Rave Review of Coasting Trade By Robin McGrath

from AudioFile Magazine
Reviewed by H.L.S.

In a performance of less than an hour, producer Chris Brookes and poet Robin McGrath transport the listener to a Yankee schooner circling Newfoundland in the late nineteenth century. The production, a Canadian tapestry for the ears, is beautifully embellished with sound effects that capture the waves, ship sounds, and local fauna. Robert Joy, Rick Boland, and Anita Best bring a lyrical beauty to this "Performance for Three Voices."

McGrath provides fleeting glimpses into the lives of an immigrant, a biologist, a smuggler, and Newfoundland locals scratching a life out of the rugged terrain. The short performance is superb, with the rich voices of Joy, Boland, and Best meshing into a melody against the harmony of background sounds.


Coasting Trade, a performance for three voices written by Robin McGrath with navigation notes adapted from "Sailing Direction for the island of Newfoundland" by J.S. Hobbes (1865), was produced for Rattling Books by Chris Brookes and performed (in order of appearance) by Robert Joy, Rick Boland and Anita Best.