Monday, August 06, 2007

6th Annual Winterset in Summer Literary Festival

Eastport prepares to host sixth annual Winterset in Summer Festival

The Packet
July 16, 2007
Ashley Vardy

By 5am, Edythe Goodridge is halfway through her morning’s work. She has developed a routine – emails at five, phone calls at six, off to meetings at seven – but she anticipates a far more hectic schedule as the weekend of the sixth annual Winterset in Summer Literary Festival draws nearer.

Goodridge, who is the chair of the festival committee, is busier this week than Santa Claus at Christmas, but still manages to squeeze in my last-minute telephone interview.

Perhaps, though, I should first present a little background information.

Ah, Winterset.

Winterset is, of course, a writers’ festival. Subsequently, this means that for three glorious days, the Eastport Peninsula will be flooded with some of the nation’s greatest writers! And what this means is that I must now devise some clever plan to steal my brother’s car and get out of doggie-sitting my mother’s two favourite furry children in order to make my pilgrimage to the Eastport Beaches Heritage Centre next weekend [...]

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As part of this year's festival program, Rattling Books author Agnes Walsh will host a poetry panel featuring Michael Ondaatje, Patrick Warner and Enos Watts. In the Old Country of My Heart, Agnes' first book of poems, is available as an unabridged audio recording, read by the author with unaccompanied ballads by Simone Savard-Walsh and pump organ music by George Morgan, from Rattling Books.