Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today In Meteorological History . . .

On January 20, 1943, Lead, South Dakota, recorded a temperature of 52 degrees Fahrenheit. On the same day, Deadwood, South Dakota, a mile and a half away from Lead, recorded -16 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here in Newfoundland, we know how they felt. Sort of, anyway. But there are a few things that can distract us from being consumed heart and soul by aberrant weather patterns. Small children and good literature are pretty effective at focusing the heart and soul, and Rattling Books "talking books" - unabridged audio books available as CDs or downloads - allow you to watch your children gambol, say, in the kitchen, while, with your back to whatever is happening against the window, you listen to great writing from some of Canada's finest authors and narrators.

Take that, Jack Frost and Jill Flood.