Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 19 Is Edgar Allan Poe's Birthday

On January 19, 1809, poet Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston. A major American poet, Poe was, apparently, one of the first writers to try to make a living solely from writing. This may, or may not, have led to his rather depressing choice of subjects and early death.

Mary Dalton is one of Newfoundland's major poets. And although her poetry examines many facets of the human experience, including crawly things, she is not likely to come to a premature end. One reason is that she is also a professor of English at Memorial University, having had the good sense not to try to make a living at poetry.

Listen to an excerpt from Mary Dalton's Merrybegot, narrated by Anita Best. This unabridged audio book is available from Rattling Books as an audio CD or an MP3 download.