Saturday, January 01, 2011

Revisiting Redefining New Year's Resolutions: #1 Andreae Prozesky

If you find yourself entering 2011 without any resolutions, watch this space.

Time passes. At the dawning of the year 2008 Rattling Books was running a  New Year's Resolution Contest which originated from the Rattling Books facebook group/game REDEFiNE iT: Dictionary of Newfoundland English.

Over the next few days we will be re-posting some of those redefining resolutions from 2008. We'll start with the entry that won the contest.

Andreae Prozesky

My merrybegot, who may be a moss-child, but who is surely no nuzzle-tripe, wakes herself at night with boo-darby dreams; I, from this snowy droke (which was, not long ago a grassy bawn), I, drung-dweller, city marler, resolve to shive these horrors from her (and to expose them as a yaffle of pishogue and foolishness); there's not much more I can do to toughen her up - though I'm no angashore, I'm lewerdly with a waddock and would as soon find myself diving into the blue drop with the guds and bawks as getting up at five in the morning for hockey.


REDEFiNE iT was a tangent indulgence of Rattling Books' which was inspired in part by Mary Dalton's collection of poems entitled Merrybegot. The unabridged audio edition is available as an audio CD or Digital Download from Rattling Books. It is performed by Anita Best with Patrick Boyle on trumpet and flugelhorn.