Friday, April 04, 2008

Vancouver Sun review of The Darren Effect by Libby Creelman

Man dies, leaving two widows
REBECCA WIGOD, Canwest News Service(Review in the Vancouver Sun)

In Libby Creelman's first novel, The Darren Effect, Heather Welbourne appears at the bedside of her lover, Benny Martin. He's in a hospital, dying of cancer.

Although she wasn't sure how she'd be greeted, Benny is glad to see her. But he's also receiving regular visits from his wife, Isabella, who, knowing he doesn't have long to live, is looking for a new place for herself and Cooper, their pre-adolescent son.

Affairs and adultery have long figured in novels, but have you ever read one in which a youngish man who's leading a double life dies in the first half? It's a startlingly fresh premise.

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