Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bernice Morgan's Thomas H. Raddall-nominated Novel

As indicated in yesterday's post, Newfoundland author Bernice Morgan has been nominated for the prestigious Thomas H. Raddall Atlantic Fiction Prize for her latest novel, Cloud of Bone. For a synopsis of the book from the publisher's website, or to read an excerpt, please follow this link.

To read a review of Cloud of Bone from the website of author Trudy Morgan Cole (incidentally, a relation of Morgan's--she dutifully admits this in the preamble to her review), click here.

For a review from Geist magazine, follow this link.

To read a CBC interview with Bernice Morgan, click here.

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from (Morgan Cole's site):

Cloud of Bone
is another of those books that I’m much too prejudiced to be reviewing, but I will anyway. Bernice Morgan is not only my favourite Newfoundland author, not only a friend and mentor, but also my aunt. I have to tell you that in the interests of full disclosure, and then I have to beg you to believe that even if I knew nothing about her and had just randomly picked Cloud of Bone off a bookshelf, it would still have blown me away...