Friday, January 11, 2008

REDEFiNE iT New Year's Resolution Contest Entry from Trouty

In this year of Our Lord 2008 I resolve to be a better person than I
have ever been before, ignoring the fact that I have leanings towards
being a BOO laden ANGISHORE and a NUZZLE TRIPE, I shall, with pride,
hang unto my being a MERRYBEGOT (everyone in the harbour knows the
PISHOGUE that mudder LEWARDLY dropped me like a WADDOCK on the village
BAWN while she was luggin’ a YAFFLE of slop Labrador and there I lay
bawlin’ something like a cross between a BAWK and a GUD); but this year
after I SHIVE the fire wood from me favourite DROKE I be stayin’ up me
DRUNG never to MARL down not even if one ger big BLUE DROP forms between
here and The Funks.

Clarence Dewling


inspired by the Rattling Books New Year's Resolution Contest based on the Rattling Books facebook group REDEFiNE iT: Dictionary of Newfoundland English.

We invite you to post your own Resolution either here or on the REDEFiNE iT Facebook group page under the relevant Discussion Board Topic.

The REDEFiNE iT group was inspired in part by Mary Dalton's collection of poems entitled Merrybegot. The unabridged audio edition is available as an audio CD or Digital Download from Rattling Books. It is performed by Anita Best with Patrick Boyle on trumpet and flugelhorn.