Friday, January 18, 2008

Kathleen Winter's boYs Reviewed in the Globe and Mail

Excerpted from a tripartite review from the Globe and Mail:

...Canadian Kathleen Winter, winner of Biblioasis's Metcalf-Rooke Award for her fiction collection boYs, thinks small, not big. This seasoned journalist's 24 gemlike tales engage in an almost hyper-real attempt to capture the texture of small-town East Coast life, and what binds them together is a strong voice. Many of these stories are very short and contain little in the way of plot, dramatic tension or narrative arc. Vignettes such as Jolly Trolley, which records a conversation between quiet Marianne and voluble Mrs. McGettigan, cover very little narrative ground, yet mine deep; Mrs. McGettigan "should be home making supper instead of sitting down eating banana and toast and talking about Florida with Marianne."
A miniaturist, Winter's greatest skill is observation, brilliantly capturing moments and details...

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