Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Brick Books, Stan Dragland and Don McKay

On January 8 Brick Books announced that the 1975 co-founders of the press Stan Dragland and Don McKay are retiring from their regular duties but will remain with the press as advisors. Both these men have contributed to Rattling Books and we wish them all the best and congratulations on having co-founded such a vehicle for poetry that Brick Books is.

Rattling Books owes a long term debt of gratitude to Stan Dragland for advise and moral support to Rattling Books as well as for introducing us to Don McKay.  Stan is often in our thoughts and we wish him every extra ounce that retiring from one duty adds to the freedom to pursue others.

Don McKay became part of the Rattling Books catalogue when he selected and recorded the poems in Songs for the Songs of Birds. Like the poet, it is beautiful.