Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Colouring Sheet: Letters from Uncle Val - #1

Ever wonder what the next "knitting" will be?

What the coolest people will haul out of their bags in the bars of 2017 and go at with the fervent reverence previously reserved for homespun?

Here at Rattling Books we believe the next Big Thing - BIGGER EVEN THAN POETRY - that's right, BIGGER EVEN THAN POETRY IS GOING TO BE RIGHT AFTER THIS NEXT BIG THING - we believe THE NEXT BIG THING is colouring. Not for kids though. We don't reccomend it for kids. Colouring is an adult activity.

So haul out the crayons and print out your Uncle Val Colouring Sheet.

Be Calm.

And if you want to listen to Letters from Uncle Val while colouring you can purchase a download online or get the CD from Fred's Records.