Thursday, September 04, 2008

Toronto launch of Down to the Dirt soundtrack album: join Mark Bragg and friends this Sunday

Mark Bragg and Friends are celebrating the launch of the official soundtrack album for the Justin Simms movie "Down To The Dirt", produced by Anna Petras, directed by Justin Simms, and based on the celebrated Joel Hynes novel.

Down to the Dirt is Bragg's first film score, and with only two preview screenings under its belt (Cannes Film Festival in france, and the Nickel Independant Film Festival in St. John's), the movie and its music are already receiving critical accolades.

The official release of the movies soundtrack album is scheduled for the same week as the films debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Down To The Dirt (The album) features instrumental music, guest tracks from Blair Harvey, Liz Pickard, and Persona, plus six new Mark Bragg songs written specifically for the film. Twenty tracks in total.

The release party is this sunday at "The Boat", in the heart of Torontos Kensington Market.

Bragg will join musicians Patrick Boyle, Brad Kilpatrick, and Jon Hynes to blow the roof off like only reunited townies can.This crew will also enjoy guest appearances by the movies musical cast, including Jody Richardson (Francey the pedophile), Phil Churchill (Andy the good buddy), and more.Warming up the night is Jody Richardson backed by the Mark Bragg Band (who can't believe their luck. Getting Jody Richardson to warm up for you is like getting Bob Vila to hand you your tools....)

Details:Down To The Dirt Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Official CD Release

Sunday, September 7th @ 9PM

The Boat @ 158 Augusta Avenue, Toronto

Admission $10 at the door ($20 with CD purchase)


Release Party Facebook event (Let us know you're coming!)

Movies Official Website (Download a sample track!)

Tickets to the Screening (See the movie!)

Stay tuned for release show notices for St. John's and Halifax.

Down To The Dirt Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be available at Fred's Records on Thursday, September 11th.