Thursday, September 11, 2008

Recipe References from the Dictionary of Newfoundland English: flummy

Until we announce the winner of our Recipe Redux Contest we're posting some recipe references found in the Dictionary of Newfoundland English to inspire you. Here's one reproduced as found in the online Dictionary of Newfoundland English.(cartoon by Jennifer Barrett)

flummy n also flummy dum [phonetics unavailable].

A kind of bread made by hunters and trappers. Cp FUNNEL BUN. P 130-67 The bread is all gone, we'll have to make some flummies. C 71-27 A common dish among hunters is known as flummy dum. It consists of a dough made of flour, bread soda and water which is wrapped on a stick and then toasted over an open fire in the woods, [and] when cooked is somewhat like unleavened bread. C 74-94 In North West River I heard of a concoction made up by trappers called a flummedum, a mixture of flour, salt, butter and sugar. It was mixed in the morning, rolled up in a long string, wrapped around the funnel of a stove and left to bake.


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