Sunday, June 29, 2008

Maiden Vein: word of the week at REDEFiNE iT & a poem by Mary Dalton

Maiden Vein

(Poem by Mary Dalton in Merrybegot)

So you’d trick death,
Gallivant out to sail in, jack-easy?
Know the signs; keep a keen eye.
If you’ve a mind to flout storms
And the jaws of fierce weather,
Scan the maiden vein:
Gale or soft breeze –
It’ll prance out at dawn
From where the maiden vein
In the night sky spills its silver.
And you a lamb to the slaughter –
Or king of the harbour.


Maiden Vein is the word of the week over at REDEFiNE iT: Dictionary of Newfoundland English.

The poem Maiden Vein by Mary Dalton is found in her collection entitled Merrybegot. The unabridged audio book edition of Merrybegot is performed by Anita Best and Patrick Boyle and is available from Rattling Books.