Sunday, March 09, 2008

Word of the Week over at REDEFiNE iT (March 7-14) maggoty

Word of the Week (March 8 - 14)


Entry from the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:maggoty a Cp OED ~ a 1 'full of maggots' (1727-). Of cod-fish, improperly cured and infested with the larvae of blow-flies; spoiled, unsavoury; freq in names of small coves where fish are landed and offal discarded. [1773] 1971 SEARY 241 Maggotty Cove (Lane 1773)

.....1955 DOYLE (ed) 30 "I'se the B'y": I don't want your maggoty fish, / That's no good for winter.

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