Saturday, March 29, 2008

Online Interviews with Rattling Books Authors: Don McKay interview at Gaspereau Press site

Oh, Noble Nature Poet: An interview (of sorts) with Canada’s foremost nature poet, Don McKay
(First published in the Gaspereau Press 2001 Omnibus Reader)

The following is all that remains of an interview between Kathleen Martin and Don McKay, taped somewhere in the great Canadian North. the tape opens with sounds of water lapping gently and the occasional plash-splash of a paddle.

KM: Do you always write in a canoe like this?
DM: Yep. Gets me away from the paparazzi and the evils of digital technology. You know, that’s a not-too-bad J stroke you’re doing, young lady. Try not to shift your weight, though, it’s making me spill my martini. the rest.


Songs for the Songs of Birds, a selection of poems written and read by Don McKay on the themes of birds, birding and flight is published by Rattling Books.