Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Telegram Article on the March Hare Festival

Artistic Smorgasbord
Poets, singers, musicians make mad dash for March Hare

Heidi Wicks
Special to The Telegram

Since 1987, writers, musicians and anyone who hates Newfoundland winters have been sharing poetry, prose, tunes and pranks at a cozy pub in Corner Brook to stay warm.

Named after the mad-dash Louis Carroll character and born of the musically poetic loins of Al Pittman, Rex Brown and George Daniels, the March Hare now travels all over Newfoundland and Labrador, and since last year's 20th anniversary has been going national and international.

Last year's 20th anniversary tour saw the cavalcade of writers and musicians thumping through Toronto and Dublin, where they overtook taverns from middle Canada to the Emerald Isle. There was also a documentary, "To Dublin With Love," directed by Barbara Doran. The film followed a busload of writers and musicians, including Pamela Morgan, Ron Hynes, Des Walsh, Lisa Moore, Joel Hynes, and many others as they toured Ireland as part of 2007's March Hare.

The festival is being launched in several places including St. John's, Montreal and Toronto. The launch kicks off in St. John's tonight at the Majestic Theatre. In Toronto people will gather at the Brass Taps Tavern on College Street (owned by two Newfoundlanders, naturally). However, there are also people from New Delhi, parts of Asia and beyond on the tour this year...

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