Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Latest News from our friends at Brick Books

Brick Books is delighted to share with you some recent awards:

Don Domanski has won the Governor General's Award for Poetry for his book All Our Wonder Unavenged. This was announced in Montreal on Tuesday, November 27. This was Don's third nomination for this award. The award will be presented to Don in Ottawa at Rideau Hall on Thursday, December 13.

The judges had this to say: "Stunningly beautiful and delicate, All Our Wonder Unavenged is a deeply moving vision about the intricacies of the everyday world. A spiritual and metaphysical triumph."Congratulations, Don!!and on Saturday, November 24 in Regina at the Saskatchewan Books Awards, Sheri Benning received the Anne Szumigalski Poetry Award and the City of Saskatoon Award for her second book of poetry Thin Moon Psalm. This book was also nominated for the Book of the Year.Congratulations, Sheri!!and congratulations also to Elizabeth Philips for her 2 nominations for the Poetry and City of Saskatoon Awards!!


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Author interviews on the internet

Craig Rintoul of BookBits interviewed Steven Price at the Eden Mills Writers Festival and Mark Abley in Toronto:

Steven Price talks about his first book Anatomy of Keys, a poetic biography of Harry Houdini .

Mark Abley, literary executor for Anne Szumigalski and her posthumous collection When Earth Leaps Up talks about Anne and her writing .