Friday, December 21, 2007

Catherine Bush Interviews Michael Winter

Winter's Wonderland
Michael Winter interviewed by Catherine Bush (Audio)

Michael Winter's The Architects Are Here, infamously "serialized on, and now available at a reputable bookstore near you, is garnering much critical acclaim -- not to mention a spot on the 2007 Scotiabank Giller Prize longlist. Architects follows Gabriel English, a character (and authorial alter ego) Winter fans will recognize from previous work, on a winding, impossible, slightly-futuristic road-trip from Toronto back to Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

Michael's long-time literary fascination with the fine line between truth and lie, where fiction plays with memoir, was something that interested us here at Bookninja, so we sent novelist-provocateur Catherine Bush to interview him in Toronto. The two get at the nitty-gritty of truth and lies, how language use influences the way a text is read, the writer's development and the mutability of dialogue.

[Spoiler Alert: plot details revealed at around 26 minutes...You can skip about two minutes of interview to be sure you miss it, if you feel strongly about it.]

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The unabridged audio edition of The Big Why, narrated by Robert Joy, was recently published by Rattling Books. It is available from as either an MP3 CD or Digital Download. Listening time 10.5 hours.