Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Razorbill Colouring Sheet to print from Rattling Books

Rattling Books would like to wish you a safe and unhurried season of preparing for Christmas. If you find yourself stressed by all the things you may think you should be doing we reccomend the following.
1. take out some crayons
2. colour a picture
It has a calming effect.
3. put the picture on your fridge
4. if you have kids you could let them colour too!
As our Christmas gift to you we had the wonderful designer Mike Mouland make a Christmas version of one of our iconic Razorbills. You can print out as many free Christmas Razorbill Colouring Sheet as you like by clicking on the link below.
So haul out the crayons and print out your Christmas Razorbill Colouring Sheet to calm your nerves this hectic season.
Best wishes for a safe and healthy season.