Saturday, December 23, 2017

Suggested EarLit Snack for the day & with a Christmas Reference : The Way the Light Is by Lisa Moore

Canadian audiobook EarLit snack referencing Christmas:
The Way the Light Is, from Open
by Lisa Moore

(An installment in a series featuring excerpts from Rattling Books titles involving reference to Christmas.)

"Mina, in Paris, about to miss her flight home for Christmas. She has to find an elevator, a moving sidewalk underground, swinging doors on the left. Forget that. She drags the luggage cart outside and crosses the four-lane highway between the two wings of the airport."


The above excerpt is from the short story The Way the Light Is by Lisa Moore. It is from Moore's collection of short fiction entitled Open. The unabridged audio edition of Open narrated by Lisa Moore, Holly Hogan and Mary Lewis published by Rattling Books is available from as either an MP3 CD or Digital Download. Listening time roughly 6 hours.