Thursday, December 28, 2017

Janneying, a Christmas poem by Mary Dalton from Merrybegot

(by Mary Dalton from Merrybegot)

Every winter it was the same racket.
A hint of the janneying, our mother'd
Have copper kittens, but after a bit
She'd give in to us, say yes we could go.
We'd rig ourselves up in any old fit-out,
Pillows and nets, cotton drawers on our heads.
The boys let out squeaks, the girls spoke all gruff -
One fellow missing a finger made up a
False one so he couldn't be guessed.
Once we'd get in, we'd kick up the mats,
Fire up the accordion, dance the whole night -
The floor-boards'd shiver, the funnel turn red.
First light of the sun, off we'd head home,
Bellies rumbling and we ready
To eat the leg off the Lamb of God.

Merrybegot, a collection of poems by Mary Dalton was originally published in 2003 by VĂ©hicule Press. It is available as an unabridged audio recording from Rattling Books. The audiobook edition of Merrybegot is performed by Anita Best and Patrick Boyle.