Monday, November 01, 2010

Steven Heighton, Canadian Conrad

This year has been an active one for Steven Heighton, one of Canada's best novelists, and a well-awarded writer of short fiction and poetry. He's published a poetry collection, Patient Frame, and won the 2010 National Magazine Award gold for short fiction. His new novel, Every Lost Country, is a Canadian best-seller, an Best Book of the Month and also Best of the Year So Far choice, and has recently been optioned for film.

According to The
Globe and Mail, Heighton "increasingly resembles [Joseph Conrad] in important aspects. Those aspects include "taking the bare bones of an event occurring on the borderlines of most of our geographical, political and moral experiences" and making them into a powerful and relevant story. To read an interview with Steven Heighton, in which he discusses why and how he writes and what he's currently working on, click here.


Listen to an excerpt from Steven Heighton's 2008 National Magazine Award gold for short fiction winner, "The Dead Are More Visible," from Rattling Books' EarLit Shorts 3.