Friday, October 31, 2008

Songs for the Songs of Birds by Don McKay now available on iTunes

Songs for the Songs of Birds by award winning Canadian poet Don McKay is now available on iTunes.
Of course it's still available from but if you prefer to shop at iTunes - you can now get it there as well.
The work of a much loved Canadian birding poet Songs for the Songs of Birds celebrates the way birds "articulate the air" and considers what the world would be without them. Narrated by the Author, the soundtrack features bird song recordings identified to species.
Don McKay
Two time winner of the Governor General's Award for Poetry (1991, 2000), Don McKay is also fondly known as an avid birder. For Songs of the Songs of Birds, his Rattling Books project, Don selected poems relating to birds, birding and flight. In 2007 Don McKay was awarded the Griffin Prize for Poetry for his book of poems Strike / Slip (McClelland & Stewart, 2006).