Monday, July 21, 2008

Feature film based on Joel Thomas Hynes' Down to the Dirt headed for TIFF

Excerpt from JUSTIN BRAKE's piece
in Friday's Telegram

July 18, 2008


The works of three Newfoundland and Labrador filmmakers have been recognized by the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and are among its 2008 official selections.

Sherry White, Jordan Canning and Justin Simms were ecstatic to learn the films they submitted to the festival were chosen by the selection jury, which announced the Canadian programming at a Tuesday news conference in Toronto.

Simms' debut feature-length film, "Down to the Dirt," an adaptation of Newfoundland author Joel Thomas Hynes' novel of the same title, will be screened as part of the festival's Canada First! series, which focuses on the work of first-time directors as well as those presenting a movie at the festival for the first time.

Hynes stars in the film alongside an all-star cast, including Newfoundlanders Bob Joy, Mary Lewis, Jody Richardson and White (who also shares a co-writing credit for the screenplay). The movie also features the former lead singer of Canadian rock band the Headstones, Hugh Dillon.

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Audio books featuring a number of the actors in Justin Simms' film are available from Rattling Books:

Down to the Dirt
by Joel Thomas Hynes, narrated by Joel Hynes, Sherry White, and Jonny Harris

Coasting Trade by Robin McGrath, narrated by Robert Joy, Rick Boland, and Anita Best

The Big Why by Michael Winter, narrated by Robert Joy

Open by Lisa Moore, narrated by Lisa Moore, Holly Hogan, and Mary Lewis

Lure of the Labrador Wild by Dillon Wallace, narrated by Jody Richardson

In the Chambers of the Sea by Susan Rendell, narrated by Anita Best, Deirdre Gillard-Rowlings, Joel Hynes, Susan Rendell, Janet Russell, Janis Spence, Francesca Swann, and Agnes Walsh