Friday, May 23, 2008

Joel Thomas Hynes' Down to the Dirt on Talking Books

Novelist and critic Nathan Whitlock writes on Joel Thomas Hynes' Down to the Dirt on his blog:

On Monday, I taped an episode of CBC Radio's Talking Books with Ian Brown. I was part of panel discussing Joel Hynes’s first book, Down to the Dirt, which, if you haven’t read, I recommend you go do so.

Now. (I can wait.)

The discussion (which should air either this Saturday or the next – I’ll let y’all know when I know) was breezy and entertaining, etc., but I never got around to making the point I wanted to about Hynes’ book, which is that it is about authenticity, and the fervent search therefor, or rather the desperate attempt to maintain a personal, sexual, cultural, and political sense of authenticity when all the world’s forces seem deadset on destroying all such notions.

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Down to the Dirt is available as an unabridged audiobook from Rattling Books, narrated by Joel Thomas Hynes, Sherry White and Jonny Harris.