Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Flashback: Michael Crummey and Lisa Moore

Here's a blast from the not-so-distant past--a 2005 article from Quill & Quire on Rattling Books writers Michael Crummey and Lisa Moore:

Two faces of the Rock
Lisa Moore and Michael Crummey showcase different visions of their shared corner of the world

by Alison Dyer

We’re sitting in Lisa’s yellow and pink kitchen at the back of her old St. John’s townhouse, which shoulders up to its neighbours on a steep hill. She shakes blond curls from her face and with a wide, open smile offers me a tea. Michael is already sitting at the table, back propped against the wall. Sloping eyebrows and soft eyes like he’s absorbed some tenderness, some ache of the landscape.

Michael Crummey and Lisa Moore are undoubtedly two of the hottest writers on the Rock, and both have much-anticipated new novels coming out this fall: Moore’s first, Alligator (House of Anansi Press), in September, and Crummey’s second, The Wreckage (Doubleday Canada), in August. The two have been close friends since Crummey’s return to Newfoundland four years ago, but Moore says, “it seems like we’ve known each other much longer.” They’re comfortable interrupting or finishing each other’s thoughts, and each is quick to champion the other’s writing.

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Michael Crummey's poetry collection, Hard Light: 32 Little Stories, and Lisa Moore's short story collection, Open, are both available as audio books from Rattling Books.