Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lisa Moore loves Mavis Gallant

Lisa Moore loves Mavis Gallant.

Lisa Moore is one of this year's five CBC Canada Reads Panelists. The writer she has chosen to champion is Mavis Gallant (From the Fifteenth District).
Rattling Books also loves the writing of Mavis Gallant. In 2006 Rattling Books produced an award winning collection of Mavis Gallant short stories:

Montreal Stories
unabridged audio edition
by Mavis Gallant
Narrated by Margot Dionne
available from

This collection of short stories by Mavis Gallant was selected by Russell Banks and printed in Canada by McClelland and Stewart Ltd. in 2004 under the title Montreal Stories and simultaneously in the United States by The New York Review of Books under the title Varieties of Exile. Thirteen of the fifteen stories first appeared in The New Yorker. The exceptions are "1933" which originally appeared as "Déclassé" in Mademoiselle and "The Fenton Child".

Stories in the collection Montreal Stories:

The Fenton Child / The End of the World / New Year's Eve / The Doctor / Voices Lost in Snow / In Youth is Pleasure / Between Zero and One / Varieties of Exile / 1933 / The Chosen Husband / From Cloud to Cloud / Florida / Let it Pass / In a War / The Concert Party

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