Saturday, May 05, 2007

Robin McGrath teaching course in North American Aboriginal Literature in Happy Valley - Goose Bay

Starting May 14 for five weeks, Robin McGrath will teach English: 2160 North American Aboriginal Literature, an introduction to aboriginal literature in a social, political and historical context. Beginning with the oral tradition, it will cover poetry, drama, short stories and novels by North American aboriginal writers.
This is the first time this English course has been offered.

The course will be taught at College of the North Atlantic in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. For information contact Martha MacDonald at 896-6213, or at

Robin McGrath is most recently the author of Coasting Trade: a Performance for three voices with soundscapes. Coasting Trade is the product of a collaboration between author Robin McGrath, radio producer Chris Brookes and actors Robert Joy, Rick Boland and Anita Best.