Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mary Dalton's Red Ledger on short list for Atlantic Book Awards Poetry Prize

The following is the citation for Mary Dalton on the Atlantic Books Festival website:

Mary Dalton
Red Ledger
VĂ©hicule Press, 2006.
ISBN 1-55065-216-8

Collection number four from Mary Dalton packs tight the tough and visceral with the erotic and the sociopolitical. Writing in The Globe and Mail, author Jane Urquhart, who chose the book among her best of 2006, notes, “It's sensuous, surprisingly lively at times, and sometimes very wonderfully dark; the emotions revealed in these poems taste like atmosphere. Salt, for example, is a recurring metaphor for desire and for the dizzying parade of images that make up the much-loved places ("St. John's as well as "round the bay") where the poet lives.”

Mary Dalton lives in St. John’s and teaches in the English Department at Memorial University. Her outstanding contribution to the arts has been recognized with the Newfoundland & Labrador Arts and Letters Award. Mary’s previous book, Merrybegot, won the 2005 E.J. Pratt Poetry Award and was shortlisted for the Winterset and Pat Lowther Memorial Awards.


Mary Dalton is also the author of Merrybegot. The unabridged audio edition of Merrybegot , narrated by Anita Best with trumpet by Patrick Boyle is available from