Friday, February 23, 2007

Dictionary of Newfoundland English : Marl and variant in poem by Mary Dalton

The following entry is from the Dictionary of Newfoundland English :

marl* v To stroll, meander. P 37 ~ to walk around aimlessly. P 104-58 I thought I'd marl along to see you. P 71-64 He's always marreling down the road somewhere. C 69-17 1 had to marl down here [to school] this marnin' and now I got to traipse back.

marl v (supp) 1983 DAWE & FICKEN 10 While others are busy/Mending their twine,/He marls by the store-loft/Like one of a kind.

A variation of the above appears in the poem Berry Pails by Mary Dalton in Merrybegot, a collection of poems by Mary Dalton, the audio edition of which was narrated by Anita Best with Patrick Boyle on trumpet and flugelhorn; published by Rattling Books in 2005.

Berry Pails

Gadabouts, those young ladyios -
The house in slings and
The whole works of them
Are gone in back, in on the Runs -
All the way in to Skibbereen.
I'll guarantee they'd better
Marley back here with berry pails
Blue to the brim - else
There won't be a pick in the house
This night of Our Lord
And what they'll be after filling up on
Is a feed of tongues.