Friday, February 25, 2011

Canadian Writers On New Copyright Legislation: The Plot Thickens


Ooops . . . This blog erroneously reported earlier in the week that Richard Cumyn was the Cumyn in the above video. But no, he's Richard Cumyn's brother, Alan, also a writer. (Did their mother read War and Peace during those long months of pregnancy? Attend creative writing classes? Was she frightened twice by runaway bookworms?) Apologies to the Brothers Cumyn - but, you have to admit, the resemblance is strong. (The photo is of Richard Cumyn.)

Anyway, there are at least two Cumyns writing dandy fiction in Canada, but we have only one of them on tap. Listen to an excerpt from Rattling Books' audio edition of Richard Cumyn's short story "My Future in Insurance," narrated by Charlie Tomlinson. This story is available as a single MP3 download, and it's also part of the EarLit Shorts 3 audiobook collection of short fiction, available as an MP3 download or an MP3 CD.