Saturday, August 02, 2008

Rattling Books praised by Current writer Chad Pelley

St. John's writer Chad Pelley has some fine words to say about Rattling Books in this blog preview of an upcoming article in The Current.

August 2, 2008


I’ve heard some pretty lame reasons why audio books may be better than actual books – They can’t be torn and take up less space, for example. I’ve also heard some practical arguments – they are convenient for the visually impaired and for young children. They’re great for long drives or lazing on the beach. For us slow readers, you’ll end up taking in more books per month. However, after spending some time analyzing Rattling Books’ products, it seems they have figured out the true perk of audio books: A top-notch listening experience.

First and foremost with a Rattling Books title is a quality listening experience. In addition to being quite selective in choosing which books to convert to audio – in order to brand themselves as a publisher of reliable literature – they pair these cherry-picked titles with the most appropriate reading voice for the title.


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