Monday, October 29, 2007

Word of the Week for REDEFiNE iT: drung

drung n also drang, drong
Definition according to the Dictionary of Newfoundland English
drung n also drang, drong EDD drang sb 1 s w cties . . .'same word as OE [thrang], a throng, crowd.' A narrow lane or passage between houses, fenced gardens, etc. [c1830] 1890 GOSSE 41 This 'drong,' or lane, was reputed to be haunted. 1858 [LOWELL] i, 176 The constable passed the drung that led up to his forge and dwelling, and keeping on ... knocked at the door. 1895 J A Folklore viii, 28 ~ a narrow lane. [1929] 1949 ENGLISH 115 A rocky lane may still be called a 'drong' and a canyon is a 'drook.' 1937 DEVINE 19 Drang. A narrow path or lane. 1965 PARSONS 53 "The Rote": the meadow (where the land was dry) / 'Bout where they'd lodged the foremast that had sprung / Hardby 'poor Martin's,' off the Balsam drung. 1972 MURRAY 29 There are 'drungs' (lanes) and roads shooting off in all directions from the main artery.
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