Monday, May 07, 2018

Physical Location of John Steffler's audiobook "The Grey Islands"

Grey Islands, group of 2 islands off NE N.F., Canada, in the Atlantic. Largest isl. is Bell Isl. or Grey Isl. South (34 sq mi/88 sq km), 50 mi/80 km N of Cape St. John; 10 mi/16 km long, 7 mi/11 km wide; 50°44'N 55°35°W. Site of lighthouse (SW) and radio station. N of Bell Isl., 7 mi/11 km, is Groais Isl. or Grey Isl. North (16 sq mi/41 sq km); 7 mi/11 km long, 4 mi/6 km wide. Both isls. are hilly, rising to over 500 ft/152 m. Village of Grey Islands Harbour at Rocky Bay, S end of Bell Isl.

The Grey Islands are the main setting for John Steffler's Canadian poetry classic The Grey Islands.  The unabridged audiobook edition is brought to you by Rattling Books.

The Grey Islands audiobook is available as a digital download online or as a mail order audio CD from Rattling Books on

The Grey Islands audiobook CD is also available online from Fred's Records or by walking in to Fred's Records store on Duckworth Street, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.