Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Joel Thomas Hynes to read for Newfoundland Ironworkers in Brooklyn

Joel Thomas Hynes will appear at the Pour House in Brooklyn to give a reading from his novel Down to the Dirt and the play High Steel about the Newfoundland ironworkers of New York, most of whom lived and continue to live in Brooklyn where they are known as "Fish".

If you happen to be in Brooklyn on Nov 2 head down to the Pour House 7901 Third Ave. Brooklyn, Phone: (718) 491-6658. The Pour House is owned and operated by Billy Quinlan who is the son of retired iron worker Willy Quinlan from Holyrood, Newfoundland and Jimmy Whiffen whose grandparents came from St. John's, Newfoundland.

Rattling Books would like to thank Danny Doyle and Bob Walsh of the Iron Workers Local 40 for helping to arrange this Reading. We would also like to thank Billy and Willy Quinlan for arranging the venue.

Down to the Dirt, Joel's first novel was released as an unabridged audio book by Rattling Books in 2006. It is read by Joel Thomas Hynes, Sherry White and Jonny Harris. Read more about the audio release of Down to the Dirt on an earlier post to this Blog.

High Steel was written by Mary Walsh and Rick Boland in the 1980s and recently remounted in St. John's with Joel Thomas Hynes playing Con Gushue and Mike Costello.

Read more about the High Steel musical saga in the Independent.